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Since the NOAA polar orbiting satellites orbit at only 850km and you can easily receive their radio

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Priorities The People
“In December, CentOS announced a new approach called CentOS Stream. Rather than having specific releases and long-term support (LTS), the new approach is based on a continuous stream of updates. Support for CentOS will end in December 2021, putting i
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Navigating Your Conference Room
From this window you can get a quick-fire look at your connection from the icon – green is good, red is bad.  When you’re in full-screen view, click someone else’s thumbnail to focus on their video screen.  Roll your mouse over a participant’s thumbn
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MIDI Workflow
Q tractor has a MIDI editor that’s clear and extensively featured with loads of the traditional MIDI sequencer tools such as rescaling, quantising, randomising and normalising. It’s a shame that, like LMMS, it lacks step-entry of notes, a feature tha