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Manjaro 20.2

Arch Linux is amazingly powerful, highly flexible and delightfully complex. So if you want to set up a no-nonsense OS for your desktop it’s more than capable, and you can choose exactly which bits to include and how to put them together.

However, doing all that deciding and arranging takes time (and error messages). So there’s no shortage of “easy” Arch-based distros that offer such luxuries as a graphical installation process and a working desktop out

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A Quick Reference To: Kernel Modules
In the early days of Linux the kernel was monolithic. That is, everything was built into it: filesystems, hardware drivers and so on. As the range of supported hardware and features grew, this clearly became impractical, so loadable modules were intr
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User Interface And Ease Of Use
Sometimes, particularly in the case of open source software, developers are better at solving the technical problems than the user interface/experience problem. Even designing a colour theme that works in every situation can be surprisingly difficult
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Model: SN850 Capacity: 1TB Interface: PCIe Gen4 x4 Controller: WD_Black G2 NAND: BiCS4 96-layer TLC Seq. read: 7,000MB/s Seq. write: 5,300MB/s Endurance: 600TBW Warranty: Five years ■