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Virtual machines – where would we be without them? Since the late 2000s they’ve taken over great swathes of the internet, as data centre bean-counters realised that it was much

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Understand The Blender Interface
This is where you interact with objects and scenes within the 3D world.  Look closely, and you can see that it is, itself, subdivided into sections, starting with the selection tools at the top.  This tool is handy for selecting objects if the viewpo
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Pico Boo!
I remember people used to talk about market disrupters and truly the Raspberry Pi was just that. In a world that looked like it was falling into a corporate-owned walled garden of locked-down “smart” devices, like the Apple iPad and Google Nexus phon
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In Brief
A version of the lightweight MX Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi 3, 4 and 400. Based upon Raspberry Pi OS, MX Linux provides great compatibility with existing software and add-ons designed for the Raspberry Pi. The Fluxbox window manager is li