RESEARCH SHOWS that being kind to others has a positive effect on happiness, mental health and overall wellbeing, but the of adolescents who were invited to either perform kind acts for others, kind acts for themselves, or simply report on their daily activities.

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Connect To Meaning A Deeper
Moss – nope, not just a weed overtaking your lawn, but also a wonder skincare ingredient thanks to its soothing, moisturising and anti-infl ammatory properties. But don’t grab your trowel and attack the garden just yet, Icelandic moss is what you’re
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Be Part Of Our Tribe
Join the Life Leap Club and receive free coaching from our experts. All you have to do is subscribe to access free coaching videos, inspirational resources and masterclasses. Go to life-leap-club-new-subscribers . View video conte
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‘Birdwatching Brought Me Comfort’
WATCHING THE BIRDS in my garden helped me after a breakdown. Observing the blackbirds and blue tits was profoundly healing, which only came from looking at creatures that I found beautiful. Birdwatching is a wonderful way to connect with nature if yo