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I’ve resisted and resisted again, but it’s deadline day and I simply have to tune into Harry and Meghan’s podcast, Archewell Audio. The problem is that, being of a certain vintage, when I think of Harry, I think of a posh bloke in a fleece tumbling
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♥ We Love Yoga
A restorative pose in which to rest for longer than a few breaths. It stretches out the groin, inner thighs and knees and improves circulation, while relieving stress and mild depression, as well as the symptoms of menstruation and menopause. • Be
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Eat To Nourish Not Punish
This refreshing, original acai bowl from ‘Plant Over Processed’ by Hannemann a great for hot porridge as the days get warmer. SERVES 2 • 2 cups frozen blueberries• 3 frozen ripe bananas• 2 acai superfruit packs or 1 scoop acai powder• 1 cup froz