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first for – but testing a DC supply is not dissimilar to testing a digital server: the impact of the ‘front-end’ is most usefully assessed by examining the it makes to the performance of the kit downstream. I Jun ’12] this was 2.310V, 108.8dB, 0.0005% and 255psec; for Mytek’s 12V/1A Brooklyn Bridge [ Dec 19] this remained 6.06V, 112.8dB, 0.00007% and 14psec; and for Chord’s 12V/0.5A Chordette Qute EX this was 3.05V, 111.4dB, 0.0008% and 8psec.

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Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE
One cannot but think of the notion that ‘Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern’. Following the revived 1970s JBLs and Rogers’ return to LS3/5A manufacture [HFN Jul ’19], the arrival of a dead-accurate, reborn BBC LS5/9 as part
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Polished To Perfection
Contributor Steve Harris edited Hi-Fi News between 1986 and 2005. He loves jazz, blues music, vinyl and vintage hi-fi and anything that makes good music come to life In the last week of 2020, there came, via an online newsletter, a new and beautifull
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