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‘Consumer insight’ is a terrible way to open an editor’s letter but bear with me. Consumer insight shows that, when it comes

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£895 / This looks like a last hurrah for the Goldilocks of 2020 flagship phones: the Galaxy S20 5G is becoming hard to find since the arrival of the S21 5G, a phone we haven’t finished with just yet but which seems unlikely to replace
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Smart Home
£90 / Having morphed from a cylinder to a sphere, the latest Echo is an excellent newsreader, weather forecaster, personal assistant and intercom straight out of the box; but it’s now also a capable speaker and a very accessible smart h
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VR Headsets
from £299 / The original Quest felt almost too good to be true. Its successor lacks the same wow factor, but you can’t argue with a better display and processor – not to mention a lighter, more comfortable build – for less money. Are