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Triumph Of Liberty
Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday celebrations last year were sadly disrupted by pandemic cancellations. The silver lining is that the party has continued into 2021. This Saturday, RNZ Concert will broadcast the master’s only opera, Fidelio, live
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‘Their Story Is Theirs To Tell As They Choose’
Sometime in 2019, a friend told me she was visiting Auckland for 24 hours. What should she do? I answered straight away: climb Rangitoto and go to dinner with my parents, Karl and Kay Stead. I knew I could suggest that without asking first. Energetic
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Land And Ownership
Journalist Simon Winchester rightly sees a profound change ahead for land ownership (“Grounds for conflict”, May 1). I agree, given that exclusive private ownership of land in Aotearoa is a myth, with rates having to be paid to a regional controller