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In Two Minds
As they sometimes are in their new movie, Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins are in two different worlds today. The sun is shining at chez Hopkins in Los Angeles. The lamps are on in Colman’s abode in London. This double dose of British acting royalty
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TV Sport
CRICKET: The White Ferns will look to improve their ODI ranking (currently fifth) against world No 1 Australia as the sun sets on the home summer (Spark Sport, Sunday, April 4, 11.00am, and Wednesday, April 7, 2.00pm). Then on Friday night, the curta
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Pinot Gris, Please
Our love affair with pinot gris shows no signs of abating. Yielding perfumed, sturdy, rich wines in Alsace, France, and leaner, crisper pinot grigio in Italy, the grape produces a similar diversity of styles in New Zealand. Why is it so popular? The