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Don’t Pay When You Don’t Need To
One of the major benefits of building your own home is that you can reclaim VAT using HMRC’s VAT431NB form. This includes materials that are fixed into the house. The interpretation of this can be complex. For instance, you can reclaim VAT on timber
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Glulam Glamour
This striking contemporary home, a reinterpretation of the suburban villa designed by Mole Architects, stands proud on a street otherwise dominated by Victorian and Edwardian houses. The building is constructed entirely from a frame of solid cross la
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With Acquabella’s new Temp Arabba flush shower tray (£650) and wall panels (here in Crema, £176) a wetroom finish can be achieved without tiling. Hot baths have been linked to lower the risk of heart problems in research by Osaka University in Japa