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Half An Hour Of Hell And Heroism
The Battle of Vegkop in 1836 saw approximately 40 Boers with muzzle-loaders withstand an attack from 5 000 to 6 000 assegai-wielding Matabele. The confrontation, which demonstrated the huge advantage of modern firepower, was a major step in the forma
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Fast Facts
The correct timing of the silage harvest is crucial to success. Maize should ideally be harvested at a moisture content of between 34% and 39%. Maximum compaction is needed in the bunkers for a quality end product. A compaction level of around 265k
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Versatile Roasted-tomato Sauce
500g fresh tomatoes2 onions2 garlic cloves1 red chilli (optional)2 Tbsp olive oilSalt and pepper1 tsp ground cumin1 Tbsp sugar⅓ cup water2 Tbsp vinegarA handful fresh herbs • Preheat the oven to 180°C. • Roughly chop the tomatoes and onions, and sca