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Cinelli Pressure
Open mould. It used to be a dirty phrase because it meant carbon product X came out of a mould that anyone could access, and hence it tended to be lower quality. Closed mould, by contrast, meant exclusive. Exclusive meant money, and money meant high
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Italian Passion
Passoni is known for blending heritage with modernity, and there is perhaps no better example of that in its current range than the new Cicloprato. ‘Back in the late 1980s we started making very light mountain bike frames for pros who wanted to keep
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Pick ’n’ Mix
£129.99, Turns out furloughed BA pilots are superb decorators. They made a lovely job of the landing. Also turns out you don’t need anything more than this belt to track fitness. The MZ-3 records up to 16 hours of data (heart rate and