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It sometimes feels like Microsoft’s motto should be, ‘If ain’t broke, let’s fiddle with it until it is’. We’ve been using Edge regularly since it relaunched in early 2020 and can’t recall it ever being slow to load. It’s not as if the benefits of ‘St
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At the start of the year I wasn’t alone in saying good riddance to Adobe Flash. Full of bugs and blighted by a series of security flaws, it should have been killed off years ago. In stark contrast, Adobe’s PDF format (which it created in 1993) should
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Face The Vax – EBay Reseller Worked Wonders
I recently purchased a refurbished Vax UCPMSHV1 vacuum cleaner from Direct Vacuums’ eBay store ( I did this while waiting for Vax to respond about repairing an old model that was still under guarantee. I ordered it