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The Rabbit
Sumana Khan is a crime writer disguised as a data analyst. So, she's either plotting scatter plots or nefarious schemes for her stories. This is her second thrilling win in the Writing Magazine after a number of shortlists. ‘Can’t you follow simple d
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Pace Yourself
In a moment of light-headedness, I once saw writing as being like taking a long walk. I think it was the long bit that came to mind. How long it took to think of something cogent to write; how long it took to actually write the thing; and the length
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Finding A Dilemma
‘Despite starting writing in 2016 and not the ‘90s, I didn’t start by looking up video courses online, or even on social media,’ writes subscriber Sophie Flynn. ‘I picked up my local paper. ‘This led me to the home of local novelist who ran day class