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• Reptiles have hard, keratinised skin, so they don’t shed DNA like other animals do. If a

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From the Executive Director
I’M ALWAYS AMAZED when I look at the breadth of scientific investigations throughout the world – at efforts to probe everything from phenomena of unimaginable size and distance to the unimaginably small. I love the way science makes sense of incredib
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How To Build A Spacesuit
Spacesuits need to keep people alive in the harshest environments humans have ventured. Each of their parts must function together to make a mobile system to sustain life. Perhaps it helps that they also look really cool. We often think of Neil Armst
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Something In The Water
Early one October morning in 2018, a small boat dropped 10 cavers and one scientist into the ocean off the northern coast of Christmas Island. With food, cameras, maps and scientific gear stashed in drybags, the team began a three-hour swim into the