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Linux FormatLeitura de 3 minsComputers
Kernel Watch
Tinus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 5.12-rc7, noting that it was likely there would be (relatively rare) RC8 (Release Candidate 8) this time around due to the large number of patches that went in at the last minute, in particular to address
Linux FormatLeitura de 4 minsInternet & Web
User Experience
At the very minimum, we’re looking for a browser that strikes the right balance between features and performance. It should be able to work with and render the popular websites and online services just as they’re intended. Of course, simply piling fe
Linux FormatLeitura de 1 minsMathematics
Collision Warning
Our collision detection is pretty basic, but it does the job. Within we have a class set up specifically to calculate if two given shapes have collided: Given a point and a rectangle, if the points at teach end are interacting ou