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Treat Acne The Holistic Way

hen those conventional treatments aren’t working, it’s time to consider not just the magic elixirs that you’re slapping on your face, but also what’s going

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Jump on It
Taylor Rae Almonte, a trainer at Rumble boxing studio in NYC, was already fit. Then, last year, she started adding skipping to her weekly routine. Though she was used to the exercise as part of her warm-up before stepping into the boxing ring, it was
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Score More (Soft) Skills
You’re ranting to a mate about the tendinitis ruining your runs or a never-ending work project. She’s there but she’s not… there. Her responses aren’t making you feel validated, she’s turning the convo back to her own probs and seems totally distract
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Kayla New Beginnings
So, Kayla Itsines’ plan for her 30th birthday this month is – according to her mum – “typical” Kayla. That is, relaxed, low key and with an unapologetic hint of grandma vibes. “Honestly, I’m not a party girl,” Kayla tells me, laughing. “I might take