his is the perfect time of year for a spring clean! For many of us, piano playing has become quite a different experience from what we were accustomed to just a year ago. While for some the daunting reality of a virtual world merely confirms the indispensability of face-to-face interactions, for others it has been an eye-opener to more innovative ways of thinking and remaining creative online. The whole business of learning the piano, teaching it, communicating and exchanging views about it – on all levels from the novice to the more seasoned player – has undergone a shakeup that could well reverberate for a long time, post-pandemic. Piano clubs are no longer geographically bound, as we imagined they – we need to feel we are moving forwards in our piano playing, setting ourselves realistic challenges and bonding ever more closely with our beloved instrument.

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The Scores
MELANIE SPANSWICK is a pianist, writer, teacher and composer. As an author, she is published by leading publishing houses, and has written a three-book piano course for those returning to piano playing; Play It Again: PIANO (Schott Music). Melanie te
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Tips With A Twist
Streabbog The Whirlwind (p30): Your chromatic scales get a thorough workout in this delightful piece. Try out a variety of fingering choices, such as: 4321, 2132, 1432 when descending in the RH six bars before the end; 1234, 1231, 2345, 12345 for bar
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Carlos GARDEL (1890-1935) arr. Stanislav STANCHEV (b.1986)
The music to this famous tango song was written by the French Argentine singer, songwriter, composer and actor, Carlos Gardel. It was written in 1935, together with lyricist and long-time collaborator Alfredo Le Pera. Gardel and Pera tragically died