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Arming your house with some form of security setup is a must if you’re serious about protecting it from would-be burglars. Yet despite the risk intruders pose, it’s reported by www.theecoexperts.co.uk that fewer than a third of homes in the UK are kitted out with an alarm.

Historically, wired setups requiring professional installation were the norm. However, the recent influx of internet-enabled products has paved the way for a host of DIY innovations. Now, you can get your hands on myriad plug-in-and-go solutions that allow you to lock your front door remotely, receive real-time updates when your security floodlights are triggered and even watch video footage of people entering and exiting your house from your smartphone.

While off-the-shelf smart solutions have revolutionised how we approach home security, that’s not to say there’s no longer a place for professionally designed and installed setups. In fact, if you’re linking in security features as part of a whole-house smart arrangement that includes lighting, heating and audiovisual elements, consulting a pro is the best way to tailor a

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The Floorplan
As Clair and Guy came in part-way through the project, they were able to make changes to the floorplans to suit their family. Namely an extra guest bedroom on the first floor was removed to enlarge the master suite and two separate show rooms were ch
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Modular Marvel
The Facit Chassis™ is constructed by slotting components together within exacting tolerances to create an airtight and highly insulated envelope. The homeowners of the example shown being constructed above, Celia and Diana, were among the first adven
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Choosing A Build Route
Self-build is a broad church and there are many routes to getting an individual home built. However, generally speaking most self-builders choose one of the following routes: • Project managing the entire build themselves, including hiring and coordi