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3 Underwater Hotel Experiences To Add To Your Post-pandemic Travel List
OCEAN lover? Here are three extravagant underwater hotel experiences that will allow you to marvel at marine life without disturbing it: This is a three-level accommodation venue hidden 250m from shore. The Swedish-engineered floating structure lies
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ID Age Crackdown At Vape Stores
THE next time you visit a vape or e-cigarette retail store in the country, make sure you have your ID. Retailers that sell electronic cigarette (e-cig) and combustible tobacco products could ask for age verification before selling electronic vapour p
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Fractional Share Investing Is Gaining Traction
SIX-and-a-half years ago, when the Purple Group’s EasyEquities online share investment platform launched, there were 280 000 retail investor accounts on the JSE. “This figure provides some context to our growth in retail investors over this period,”