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A Call for Women to Redefine Self-Care by Taking Care of Your Finances

A Call for Women to Redefine Self-Care by Taking Care of Your Finances, by Sweta Vikram. Photograph of 3 women from behind by Suhyeon Choi
Photograph by Suhyeon Choi

April is financial literacy month so here’s a call for women, by women, to become more pro-active in managing money

Money can feel daunting! Is managing your money creating anxiety? Remember: Everyone shares their own unique relationship with money. Depending on a woman’s childhood, family, background, culture, socio-economic influence, family traditions etc. — her overall perception of money management might vary. Also, every family makes their own choices about roles, chores, and responsibilities.

According to the U.S. Bank Women and Wealth Insights Study, women under-engage with their finances, although they control more than $20 trillion in wealth. Is it fair to assume that women might be earning the money, but they are not necessarily managing it too? The research findings also tell

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