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How to Use Photoshop Part 2

IN THIS TUTORIAL, we will be looking at combining images, rather than removing something from a picture. In more technical terms we call it blending an image. It’s a nice feature to learn and play around with to get a better understanding of Mask layers and other tools within Photoshop. We will also go into how composition affects an image, and how to get the perspective correct. These are big factors to consider when blending images, as you don’t necessarily want to create something that looks too out of place or in your face.

Using the techniques we’ll cover here, you will be able to create some very abstract artwork that can be used for a variety of reasons. Image blending is handy for creating striking imagery for publishing design, marketing advertizements, or maybe just for your art. If you haven’t done so already, have a look back at our previous issue to get more familiar with Photoshop by working your way through the first tutorial. What we will do in this issue is create some

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