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here are a number of kits that utilize crystals, and sometimes it is handy to test the crystal to see if you can hear it to test a receiver, or for “spotting.” The Four States QRP Group has a kit called the Bayou Jumper, a solid-state replica of a World War II Paraset design. This kit has a regenerative receiver and a crystal-controlled transmitter. In order to get the receiver into the ballpark to hear any responses to your CQ calls, you need to set the receiver to be where the transmitter is set. Using a simple tester like the 4SQRP Crystal Spotter lets you hear the crystal’s output in the receiver

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Results of the 2020 CQWW DX SSB Contest
I’m proud to say that the 72nd edition of the CQ World Wide SSB contest is in the books. And, what an edition it was! Just as we had hoped, the sun came back to life — at least by a small amount. Whether it was the new class of rookies or seasoned ve
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(Data rounded to nearest whole number) Sunspots: Observed Monthly, January 2021: 11 12-month smoothed, July 2020: 8 10.7-cm Flux: Observed Monthly, January 2021: 76 12-month smoothed, July 2020: 74 (Data rounded to nearest whole number) Sunspots: Obs
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Optimizing On-the-Air Practices in FT8
I’ve recently had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time operating the FT8 digital mode. For those unaware of what FT8 is, this is a digital communications mode often referred to as a “sound card mode.” The creators of this mode are Joe Taylo