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hen Cockpit was first developed, it had plug-in support for administering your Docker containers remotely via its user-friendly web interface. But then Red Hat OS

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A Potted History Of Linux
LINUX ONLY EXISTS because of Christmas: On January 5, 1991, a 21-year-old computer science student, who was currently living with his mom, trudged through the (we assume) snow-covered streets of Helsinki, with his pockets stuffed full of Christmas gi
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Chip Shortage Reaches Phones
PROBLEMS with the worldwide supply of chips have reached Qualcomm. Increased demand, exacerbated by US-China trade relations, and the fact that Samsung’s plant in Texas had production disrupted by power outages (which cause problems that take time to
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The Golden Age of PC Gaming
IN LAST MONTH’S TRADE CHAT, I discussed the merits of gaming in a world where consoles are reaching parity with their PC cousins. Long story short, yes—PC gaming is still “worth it” in many ways. But when it comes to playing, archiving, and discoveri