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Lamb Of God
NUCLEAR BLAST NWOAHM champions relive their livestream WITH COVID-19 PUTTING a decided pause on any plans to tour and promote their self-titled eighth record, last September Lamb Of God opted to instead dive into the world of livestreams as a way of
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The Lion’s Daughter
SEASON OF MIST The sludge/synthpop mash-up you never knew you needed IF YOU’VE EVER wondered what synthpop might sound like were it written by a trio of grim St Louis sludge metallers – and if you haven’t, why not? - The Lion’s Daughter’s fourth albu
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CRESCENT BALLROOM, PHOENIX After bothering both necks and the mainstream of their native US with their latest surprise-released opus, An Unexpected Reality (which hit No.1 in Billboard’s Top New Artist albums chart), Arizona death metal mob Gatecreep