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Timepieces are versatile and pair well with casual or dressy looks. These affordable ones in trendy designs are classy and sporty – opt for a silver watch for a light-coloured outfit or a gold one for darker colours.


Cinch your waist, create a strong silhouette or add

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COTTON ON 0800-007-786; EXACT 0860-834-834; FOREVER NEW 011-593-3205; HOMECHOICE.CO.ZA; JAM CLOTHING 031-303-9670; MRP 0800-21-25-35; NATIVESTORM.CO.ZA; OLD KHAKI 0860-444-429; POETRY 0860-555-529; SHADO SHADO.CO.ZA; SUPERBALIST.COM; THE FIX 0800-834
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Riz Is The Biz!
HE PERFECTED an American accent, learned US sign language, spent two hours a day learning to play the drums like a pro and honed his body to rock-star perfection – and it all paid off when he made history. Riz Ahmed became the first Muslim actor to b
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‘I Had To Stay Positive’
SHE knew something was wrong as soon as she got to work that day – she felt feverish and nauseous and when she went to the bathroom to freshen up, she fainted. Confused and scared, Shaninlea Visser asked her boss to drive her to the hospital. “My han