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Teal Facts
DISTRIBUTION: Common and widespread, largely migratory and breeding across the Palearctic from Iceland and northern Europe across to Kolyma in the far east of Russia. Overwintering locations include the Mediterranean, the Nile Valley and south-east A
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David Turner lives in the Midlands and is available for lessons, either at your local ground, Kibworth Shooting Ground, near Market Harborough, or Sporting Targets near Bedford. He is a long-time game Shot and specialises in coaching clients in the f
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Letter Of The Month
The Orton packable jacket retails at £199.99 and is available in both men’s and women’s versions, size EU 48-58 for men and EU 36-46 for women. It is a lightweight, waterproof jacket that is breathable, quick drying and packs into its own pocket. It