Mindful wellness


Our restless, racing and untethered thoughts are often described as the ‘monkey mind’. In Buddhism, there is

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Can I Garden In Harmony With The Earth?
GARDENS OCCUPY more land across the UK than nature reserves. They are, therefore, vital homes for wildlife. Imagine them as a patchwork of beneficial areas for species to travel through to find food and safety, and in which to thrive. When talking ab
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“Women Support Women; They Are The Bedrock Of My Sanity”
Have you ever dared dig out an old outfit from the back of your wardrobe and try it on?›Maybe a suit from your first job interview, your wedding dress or, in the case of Olympic gold winner,›Denise›Lewis, your heptathlon outfit for the 2000 Sydney Ol
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Letter Of Gratitude
MY PARTNER, PATRYCJA, has been a Psychologies reader for many years and recently became a subscriber. Every issue contains so much! We enjoy the magazine together and receiving it in the post is a little slice of joy. Even our furry friend Lolly (pic