1 Talk to different parts of yourself

developed IFS after 40 years of clinical practice. He believes ‘all of us are born with many sub-minds that constantly interact inside us’. He adds: ‘This, in general, is what we call thinking. When you face a dilemma, you will find one part that says “go for it” and another that says “don’t”. Most of the time, we let that debate happen. We don’t pay attention to it.’ But Schwartz argues it is essential that we attend to this inner conflict. He suggests we locate our parts by tuning into our internal chatter, along with

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Connect To A Deeper Meaning
Look after yourself at that time of the month with a pair of comfortable and protective period pants – not the big old ones at the back of the drawer but the snug, soft, reusable and leakproof ones that mean no more pads or tampons. Available in ligh