“Should I have a baby?”

While googling ‘should I have a baby?’, I hope that some internet wizardry will draw answers from the inner workings of my mind – because, as it stands, I don’t have a clue. Aged 34 and married for four years, there have been a lot of people, including myself, asking: ‘When do you think you’ll be ready for a baby?’ But how do I answer the ‘when’ when I’m stuck on the ‘if’?

It seems that everyone around me is having babies, and I’m running out of time. Childbearing years don’t hang around for bucket-list travels, career-defining achievements or for me to finally feel financially secure. I want to make a conscious decision about this, before the decision is taken out of my hands. But I’m an overachiever in the thinking department and so, here I am, taking an online quiz and hoping that it will make this life-changing decision for me.

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