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Almost Persuaded, Now to Believe

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Do you suspect that there is more to the Christian life than what youve experienced? What keeps you from living such a life? In Almost Persuaded, Now to Believe, Joshua A. McClure unveils what the spiritual life really looks like. McClure shares the gospel message in everyday language that all may come to understanding. His treatment of the basic tenets of the Christian faith is clear, cogent, and moving, and will set a fire burning in your heart to experience the wonderful things God has freely given us. Discover with Pastor McClure the Good News of Almost Persuaded, Now to Believe, and experience transforming and a spiritual vigor in the heartsense the love of God strong enough to rekindle sagging spiritsfind the way to new spiritual vitality in your life. Detect the secrets of living in Gods Kingdom today. And be truly blessed as, his Spirit searches out everything and shows us even Gods deep secrets.

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