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Answering the 8 Cries of the Spirited Child: Strong Children Need Confident Parents

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Your child shouts, 'You can't make me!' or 'I hate you,' or 'I don't want to!' Behind the angry words, what is the child really saying? David and Claudia Arp, based on a survey conducted in the United States and Europe, have identified the eight most common 'cries' of the spirited, or strong-willed child. In this audiobook you will find helpful, sympathetic insights to guide you in raising a spiritually and emotionally healthy child. For each of these 'eight cries' you will find workable answers and practical help in how to turn unpleasant, day-to-day hassles into win-win experiences through well-thought-out strategies for your not-so-compliant child. Help is on the way!

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