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Take the Stairs: Strategies for Improving Your Self-discipline and Your Life

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Do you struggle with procrastination? Distraction? Creative avoidance? Do you know what you SHOULD do but just can’t get yourself to DO it?

Get motivated by the keynote speech that has turned into a world-wide movement. On this full length audio you’ll ignite your commitment to lead a more disciplined life. Thousands of people from over 15 different countries have joined the Take the Stairs World Tour and you too can catch the flame! Laugh and be inspired as you listen to Self-discipline strategist, Rory Vaden’s, 60 minute motivational keynote program “Take the Stairs – Success Means Doing What Other’s Won’t”. You will:

• Recognize how prominent the “escalator mentality” is and how it’s spreading
• Develop an awareness of how “creative avoidance” may be sabotaging your life
• Learn about the secret of sacrifice and why it matters
• Understand the power of persistence and how to coach yourself through setbacks
• Gain insights about how to overcome the law of diminishing intent to take immediate action

We all burnout and lose sight of our goals sometimes. This program will keep you focused and motivated on your journey to success regardless of what success looks like to you. See you in the stairwell.

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