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An Account of Hope: Christian Faith in an Age of Relative Truth and Religious Pluralism

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'I AM WHO I AM,' God told Moses. 'But who do you say that I am?' Jesus asked.These dramatic declarations conjure thoughts about God and are perhaps the single-most important factor in determining how we will live out our faith. What do we believe about God? Can His hand really guide our lives perfectly today? The issue is being able to trust that God is capable of what He claims and is trustworthy to fulfill it. An Account of Hope explores why the God of Christianity is who He says He is and what place reason holds in believing that to be true. An Account of Hope is a personal journey, answering questions regarding absolute truth in a culture saturated with relativism, as well as an inquiry into the belief systems that underpin and sustain our most-cherished needs. These needs, like hope, purpose, value, love, forgiveness, and meaning, define humanity, making life worth living. An Account of Hope approaches this subject from the thought that any belief system purporting to account for the world's existence and humanity's needs should be evaluated by how well it accomplishes those tasks. How well do Atheism, Buddhism, or New Age mysticism accomplish them, and more importantly, how well does Christianity stand up to the test?

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