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An Angel Over My Shoulder

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Have you ever wondered if life could change for you? Could a word or an action change the course of your life? Can a supernatural force out there influence you or your family? Does God send His representatives, angels, to accomplish His means? Find out what he did for the main character, Cassandra, in An Angel Over My Shoulder. Watch what happened in her life. Could it happen for you?

Cassandra was an ordinary child in an ordinary home. Find out why she became so extra ordinary as an adult. Cassandra's story begins as an eleven year old child in a chaotic home. Her life changes after high school. She is involved in the world of high finance and romance. Her life has many ups and downs until a mysterious stranger comes into her life. Someone she feels she has known and not known all of her life. Does God send people? Could the changes in her life be your changes? Find out what God can do. Can He intercede in your life even if you don't believe in Him? Even if you worship another god? Could this be for you also?

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