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A Daughter's Cry: A Search for Purpose

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Boarding the train in Colorado, eighteen year old Ellie Cooper looks forward to a better life. Having escaped her abusive father and the flatlands of Kansas, she eagerly heads for Alaska as a mail order bride. Although the magazine ad boasts of love and adventure in the new frontier Ellie cant help but wonder about the stranger she has agreed to marry. Despite her youthful enthusiasm, Ellies journey is soon marred by traumatic events. After witnessing a murder, Ellie meets a handsome whose kindness makes a lasting impression on the young woman. Not only does he offer her a way out of a questionable future, but he stirs new and alarming emotions Ellie has never known. Refusing to change her plans, she is soon faced with even greater uncertainties. From Alaska, to Californias Napa Valley and the majestic Teton Mountains of Wyoming, A Daughters Cry is sure to keep you enthralled to the end.

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