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An Angel's Sorrow

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Have you ever blamed God when your life was turned upside down? Our heroin Kristen does after her parents are burned at the stake, leaving her lost and abandoned in a Massachusetts forest in 1692. Doubt crawled into her heart and mind. Was God really such a merciless being as to kill people just like that, for no reason at all? Or was something else behind their murders? These and more questions haunt Kristin Malach Elohim everyday in An Angel's Sorrow. The more Kristin questions, the faster she turns away from God and watched her salvation slowly withers away. Will she be able to save her soul in the end? Or will the controlling powers of evil bind her to a fiery fate? And what does it mean to be a Malach Elohim? Melquisedec Araiza's An Angel's Sorrow takes us on a spiritual journey where faith is shaken and friendships decide where our souls will spend eternity. Share the joys and pains of Kristin as she is thrust in a spiritual battle for her soul. An Angel's Sorrow will leave you mesmerized and frightened as you picture yourself in Kristen's shoes.

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