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Angel At My Door: Amazing Things That Happen When Angels Show Up!

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"Mommy, mommy...did you see all the angels that stopped the cars?" From children saved in the middle of a six-lane California freeway to gro- ceries brought to a starving family, these stories of unexpected encounters with God's messengers will encourage, inspire, and amaze you! The Bible is filled with accounts of angels. Billy Graham states that there are more of them than stories of demons. There is a mystery and excite- ment with each angelic encounter-no one knows where or when or whom they will visit next. But be assured, they will. These heart-warming stories point readers to the God who loves us so much that He sends His messengers to us at critical times in our lives to protect, defend, encourage, and supply our needs. Robert Strand shares more than 25 true, angel encounters including: • The Stranger Angel-Was it just a hobo asking for food, or an angel? • The Snowplow Angel-A family is saved by a driver that didn't exist! • The Window Angel-She stood guard at the window of a girl's school. • The Vanishing Hitchhiker-He warned a pastor and then disappeared!

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