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Angel Hike

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As you read the back cover of this book, chances are that someone in your family or a close friend has been affected by Alzheimer's, other forms of dementia, or a stroke. How are we supposed to deal with these 'diseases of the mind' that silently strike the people we care about? These diseases are becoming more and more prevalent as medical technology continues to prolong life while having precious little to say about the quality of that life. What does the Christian church have to say about this issue? What does God have to say? Is God as silent on this issue as those that are afflicted with these diseases?
It is those questions, and many more that Angel Hike tackles head on. Open this book and take the journey with Ben and a heavenly visitor – a journey that will open your mind and your heart to a God who does answer – if we are courageous enough to seek and wise enough to listen.

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