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A Touch of His Love: Meditations on Knowing and Receiving the Love of God

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With a moving personal narrative from his early ministry, Dr. Charles Stanley opens A Touch of His Love and opens the door to a deeper understanding and acceptance of God's love. Intensely practical -- 'nothing but good comes from doing good' -- and yet deeply spiritual -- 'you are never more like God than when you love' -- A Touch of His Love touches a chord in every heart that has secretly, even unconsciously wondered, 'Maybe God loves the world, but does he really love me?' A Touch of His Love explores the profound yet most basic foundational truth of Christianity, that 'God so loved . . . ' The thirty-one meditations zero in on - defusing hostility - tough love - righting wrongs - giving - solving problems - letting go Providing real answers to real needs, Dr. Stanley guides you to the specific truths that serve as the gateway to love. A Touch of His Love will be a prized addition to the book collections of devotional readers and to those who look to God's Word for answers to their deepest problems.

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