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And So I Say Next: When Frogs Turn Out to Be Toads, Throw Them Back in the Dating Pond!

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Not all men turn out to be Prince Charming. Journey with author J. Philippone down the road of relationships as she recalls her most humorous dating disasters. Through the author's experiences, you will discover the red flags God sends you that you should be on the lookout for in your own dating life:

• Fifty-year-old men who still live with their moms
• The tattoo flames on their arm match the flames on their Harley
• 'Tony' from Scarface is their idol

If you are a woman currently dating, this book is for you. And if you aren't dating, this book will make you laugh and thank God you didn't have to go through any similar situations. Enjoy And So I Say Next, and if the frog you're dating turns out to be a toad, throw him back!

'The search for a decent man is not always easy, but it can be amusing! Join Julie in her seemingly unending and comical saga of less-than-stellar interactions with the opposite sex. The honest and heartfelt account of her search for a mate is chronicled with introspection and bolstered with humor.

'Think you had some bad dates? You will wonder how so many 'toads' could befall one woman and how she managed to keep her faith during the arduous process.'
Mary Beth Egeling
Author of Love-abouts

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