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Little Women (dramatic reading)

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Louisa May Alcott's beloved 1868 novel is about the four March girls - Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy - who are growing up in Massachusetts during the Civil War. As the novel opens, their father is away at war, and the girls are struggling to be good and to reconcile themselves to their relative poverty. Each has her trials to deal with, and they are encouraged by their loving mother, and by their friendship with their neighbor, Theodore "Laurie" Laurence.


Narrator/Jo: Elizabeth Klett
Meg: Arielle Lipshaw
Beth: Kalynda
Amy/Parrot: Karen Savage
Marmee: Kara Shallenberg
Mr. March: Bruce Pirie
Hannah: MaryAnn
Mrs. Hummel/Hummel Children/Lotty: Elli
Girl/Child/Tina/Daisy/Maid: Lavinia
Laurie: mb
Aunt March: Amy Gramour
Old Man/Dr. Bangs: Phil Chenevert
Mr. Laurence: David Lawrence
Mr. Davis/Shopman/Young Man #2/Clerk: Tom Crawford
Annie/May Chester: sherlock85
Clara/Miss Lamb/Kitty: ESFJ Girl
Mr. Lamb/Mr. Dashwood: Denny Sayers
Mrs. Moffat/Aunt Carrol/Old Lady/Mrs. Chester: Sally Mc
Major Lincoln/Tudor: Henry Frigon
Belle/Second Girl/Minnie: BookAngel7
Nan/Mrs. Kirke: Susanna
Sallie Gardiner Moffat: rashada
Hortense/Esther: Nadine Eckert-Boulet
Fred Vaughan: John Croudy
John Brooke: Peter Bishop
Kate Vaughan: BumbleVee
Ned Moffat/Parker/Young Man #1: coolkid2219
Frank Vaughan: John Fricker
Boy/Demi: E. Lee
Professor Bhaer: Rainer

Audio edited by: Elizabeth Klett

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