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A Bill of Divorcement

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A Bill of Divorcement describes a day in the lives of a middle-aged British woman named Margaret "Meg" Fairfield, her daughter Sydney, Sydney's fiancé Kit Humphreys, Meg's fiancé Gray Meredith, and Meg's husband Hilary, who escapes after spending almost twenty years in a mental hospital. A 1932 film of the same name was directed by George Cukor and starred Katharine Hepburn and John Barrymore. (Summary by Wikipedia & Amanda Friday)

Margaret Fairfield: Arielle Lipshaw
Miss Hester Fairfield: Elizabeth Klett
Sydney Fairfield/Narrator: Amanda Friday
Bassett: Caprisha Page
Gray Merideth: BellonaTimes
Kit Pumphrey: Brett Downey
Hillary Fairfield: amaskill
Dr. Alliot: tovarisch
Rev. Christopher Pumphrey: Ric F

Audio edited by Elizabeth Klett

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