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A Hearth in Candlewood

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Laurel Wreath and Aspen Gold Award winner Delia Parr is acclaimed for her inspiring historical romances. Living in an 1840s Erie Canal town in upstate New York, Emma Garrett—the genteel proprietor of a bustling boarding house—learns to trust in God despite trying circumstances.
A widow with family far away, 51-year-old Emma fills her loneliness by caring for her guests and sharing her own special blend of wisdom and humor. One stormy night, a rap at her door interrupts her musings. The 80-year-old Widow Leonard is standing in the rain, seeking refuge from her sons’ constant bickering. Housing this feisty runaway granny, however, puts Emma in the crosshairs of a family feud. But this crisis is more easily resolved than the one which soon looms over Emma’s future.

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