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Amazing Scientists

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What would Charles Darwin say if he was interviewed about his life and work? How would Galileo reflect upon his contribution to scientific discovery? In their day, there were few newspapers or journalists to tell these great stories, however in ‘Amazing Scientists’, the inspirational lives of amazing people including Isaac Newton, Linus Pauling and Louis Pasteur, spring to life. The bounds of possibility in the many fields of science, including chemistry, physics, psychology, engineering and medicine, are always being stretched. This audio collection from Amazing People Worldwide® helps us understand the ways in which this can happen, through the life stories of people who have made such achievements. Meet Einstein, Curie, Faraday, Newton, Tesla and Salk and get a very personal sense of what they achieved. Understand the challenges and risks they all faced. Explore the social as well as the technical aspects of their everyday life. Be inspired by these amazing stories as they come to life through BioViews®, a short biographical story, similar to an interview. These inspirational audios from Amazing People Worldwide® provide a new way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world.

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