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Amazing Women's Careers

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Find out how some women took their opportunities and made successful careers. They had one thing in common. They used their time well. You can learn how to do likewise by hearing the life stories of five incredible women. Meet Edith Piaf, French cabaret singer who shot to internatinal stardom, American Nancy Astor, who was the first woman to take her seat in the British House of Commons, Maria Montessori doctor and educator, Eva Peron who led an amazing life as an entertainer and a politician, and Karen Horney who became the first female to qualify and practice in the fields of psychoanalysis and psychiatry. Be inspired by these amazing stories as they come to life through BioViews®, a short biographical story, similar to an interview. These inspirational audios from Amazing People Worldwide® provide a new way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions and changed our world.

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