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Alpha360: An Evolutional Journey for the Modern Man: Book 1

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Alpha360: An Evolutional Journey for the Modern Man is a philosophical theory of how real men act within the modern world. The principles used in the book are the exact principles the author used to help himself grow.

Let's face it, the sad reality is that we go throughout life constantly facing our demons as they stare back at us through our eyes. We’re unaware of the low feelings we may have towards ourselves because we know deep inside we are not the man we were born to be. Well here's a book that's been written for all men who have found themselves emasculated by a society that is so wrong on all levels. An Evolutional Journey for the Modern Man is a book is designed to show men that there is a better way than always feeling emasculated. It is a philosophy designed to open the minds of men and help them understand what it takes a man to start attaining a superior mindset.

Author and life coach, Cage J Madison calls this mindset, the Alpha360. The aim of this book and future books in the series is to create a movement for men, a way for all men to open their eyes and mind to what they can be like within this new modern world.

If you're a man who finds the restraints placed on you by society over the years to be quite ridiculous than the Alpha360 book is for you. This is not a book designed to lay judgement on anyone, it is a book to help men grow within themselves.

The author, Cage J Madison, spent two years researching what it means to be a man and then embodying what he learned to grow himself, and now he wants to help other men do the same. The amount of personal development Madison has achieved from such a simple act has been utterly remarkable.

"I truly believe the time I spent on discovering the true essence and meaning of being a man has been one of the most worthwhile things I’ve accomplished during my journey to becoming an Alpha360," Madison explains.

"I grabbed the bull by the horns, took control of myself and my life by getting a better understanding of how to man up, and the benefits it can have on you."

An Author's Republic audio production.

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