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Doug Bradley's Spinechillers Volume Eight: Classic Horror Short Stories

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Doug Bradley's Spinechillers takes you into the world of classic short horror stories read by Hollywood horror icons.

We get underway with HP Lovecraft, who explores dark deception in "The Terrible Old Man".

An unearthed, long forgotten artifact, is protected by powers intent on punnishing those who would remove it, in M.R. James' "A Warning to the Curious".

Ambrose Bierce presents a different take on the werewolf myth with "The Eyes of the Panther".

The master himself, Edgar Allan Poe, takes us on a voyage of damnation with "MS Found in a Bottle".

Arthur Conan Doyle weaves a tale of a haunted English doctor in "The Brown Hand".

New guest reader Jeff 'Reanimator' Combs kicks off the Herbert West six part series with Part 1 "From the Dark".

We finish up with the last poem Poe wrote, the beautiful and haunting Annabel Lee.

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