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Doug Bradley's Spinechillers Volume Eleven: Classic Horror Short Stories

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Volume 11 begins with Doug's well researched insight into the stories and their authors. This is followed by Edgar Allan Poe’s highly acclaimed gothic romance ‘Ligeia.’ Disc 2 presents Ambrose Bierce’s haunting ‘A Fruitless Assignment’ and HP Lovecraft’s dark and disturbing ‘Pickman’s Model’. Disc 3 brings us Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s sinister masterpiece uncovering the mysteries surrounding ‘Blue John Gap’ and the ‘Terror’ that lurks within it. Jeffery Combs reads Part 4 of ‘Herbert West Reanimator’ entitled ‘ The Scream of the Dead’, and Robert Englund completes the volume with The Traveller knocking on the moonlit door in Walter de la Mare’s poem ‘The Listeners’.

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