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Doug Bradley's Spinechillers Volume Seven: Classic Horror Short Stories

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Doug Bradley's Spinechillers takes you into the world of classic short horror stories read by Hollywood horror icons.

Volume 7 starts off with Edgar Allan Poe's story of a gifted boy hounded by his shadow, "William Wilson".

We take to the sky's with a pilots investigation into unexplainable events thousands of feet above ground in Athur Conan Doyle's "A Horror of the Heights".

Next up, Ambrose Bierce plays with time in "The Suitable Surroundings".

A beleagured British army waiting upon the German forces march of doom in the "The Bowmen", marks Arthur Machen's first appearance in Spinechillers.

An ancient evil is called in M.R. James' "Oh Whistle and i'll come to you my Lad".

We finish with Edgar Allan Poe's compelling poem, "The Haunted Palace".

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