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Al-Amin Interpretation of the Great Qur'an

19 horas


An extensive study in Al-Fatiha and Al-Baqara fortresses (in the Holy Qur'an).

Contents of the audiobook:

- The steps of attaining the true belief.

- What is the disbelief?

- What is the Paradise?

- The clear astray and ghastly inclination of both Mu'tazili and determinism "Aj'jabriah" parties.

- The clear evidences against determinism "Aj'jabriah".

- The clear evidences against Mu'tazili.

- Who are the dissolute ones (the inclined ones to disbelief).

- The reality of Paradise and the causes of our Master Adam's Paradise leaving.

- The descriptions of the people of Paradise.

- How is God going to put the disbelievers and disobedient ones in fire, although he is the most gracious most merciful?

- How does he the Almighty torture man, although his mercy overwhelms everything?

- The reality of fire.

- The story of the people of Israel (the people of our master Jacob), the rescue of the sons of the high-ranking family.

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